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  1. Rule of law
  • Article 6 of the GDPR states that data processing can only proceed lawfully if the data subject has consented to the processing. Thus, the person who provides his or her personal data on an online form must be able to express consent. 
  • Furthermore, according to Article 4§11 of the GDPR, consent must be given by a declaration or other clear positive act. 
  • The GDPR imposes an information obligation in Article 5§1.11. Consequently, O R FINE ART must inform Data Subjects (i) when data is collected directly from them and (ii) at the time of collection of the data. The CNIL states, however, that making all the information available in a single block does not achieve the objective of legibility. It is thus advisable to highlight, under the contact form, (i) the essential information and (ii) offer simple and immediate access to other information.

We therefore recommend that you integrate the following under the data collection form

  • A checkbox allowing data subjects to consent to data processing (opt-in) and; 
  • A statement of essential information to be included under the contact form including a link to the Privacy Policy (full information).
  1. Opt-in and information to be included under your contact form
  •   By submitting this form, I agree to the processing of the information entered by O R FINE ART.

The information collected in this form is processed by O R FINE ART, to whom it is exclusively destined for the purpose of responding to the request made. 

To learn more about the management of your personal data and to exercise your rights, please consult our Privacy Policy.